Open Day 2015   May 24th, 2015

A few snapshots of our 2015 Open Day. More details will be posted on YouTube in the next few days.
Open Day

Open Day (5)

Open Day (4)

Open Day (3)

Open Day (2)

Open Day (1)

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Flexx installation

This morning we have been installing the FlexRadio SDR system. We are using high definition screens and high spec PCs so that we can demonstrate just how good the performance can be. SDR has now established itself, and W&S were the first to bring SDR to the market place here in the UK. So if you are interested in learning more about SDR or want to try it out, you know where to come.

Peter G3OJV

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Will It or Won’t It? K3S   May 21st, 2015

Our demonstration K3S is in the hands of UPS on its jouney from the USA. The question is, will it arrive in time for our Open Day on Sunday?

The K3S has certainly produced a lot of interest and we already have a number of firm sales. At present we are expecting K3S supplies to reach us somewhere around the third week in June. But in the meantime we are holding our breath regarding the UK arrival of the very first K3S. Peter G3OJV.

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SG-230 (10)

We are well on the way to completing the UK’s largest Ham Radio Showroom. Above you can see the linear amplifier section. A chance to see the various amplifiers that are available to ham operators.

SG-230 (9)

Yes we cater for all power levels. Let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy ro help.

Remember our O[en Day,, this Sunday.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 20.09.23

Work is progressing with the new showroom area. The area above is going to be part of the multi-Station demonstration and display area. Hopefully if the weather keeps fine, we can make some more progress on the antenna side. Next antenna job is large Yagis for 2m, 70cm and 23cm.

Peter G3OJV

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Above is the new 4 metre and 6 metre stations that are now operational under the call of G0PEP. The station has separate 6 element Yagis for LFA 6m and 4m at around 50ft above ground level. Only today we down into the Mediterranean with 59 signals and two of the stations were also using LFA antennas, which proves something I guess! We have a great take off to the east and the north, but to the Wwst we are not so well blessed. Further antenna work will be carries out in the next couple of weeks, weather permitting.

Photographic (1)

Another area of the showroom is being prepared for more demonstration areas, and here you see the purpose made benches that will shortly be used to create the UK’s best demo area for ham radio. More news to follow.

Peter G3OJV

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FlexRadio Maestro Control Head   May 15th, 2015

Flex Maestro

FlexRadio have announced the new Maestro Control head that will operate with all Flex “6000” series radios. Waters and Stanton were the first to be shown this exciting new product that promises to change the way that we regard SDR radios. Yes it has real knobs and a great display. And the equally great news is that you do not need to be tethered to the radio. That’s right you can wander around the house whilst operating the radio. The Maestro runs off of internal lithium cells and has an expected operational time of around 9 hours. Justin Johnson, G0KSC, has already had his hands on the demo unit at Dayton and he is “sold” on it. I reckon a whole lot of hams over here will be as well.

There is no fixed price yet, but expect it to be around £800 – £900. The EU price will not be set until the CE certification is completed. And as for delivery, well it is likely to be around Septemeber, just in time for the National Ham Radio Show here in the UK. So time to save up.

Peter G3OJV

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K3S Image copy

K3S Rear

Elecraft have announced an upgraded K3, to be known as the K3s and available in both 10W and 100W versions. The basic improvements are as follows:

The K3SYN was introduced to all serial numbers from 8000 onwards. The remaining features are introduced to the new model K3S, which will start from serial number 10000.
New soft touch VFO knob.
USB port 0 integrates remote control and line level audio, thus eliminating the need for PC sound card and the associated cables.
KXV3A board now replaced with KXV3B board which will now be included as standard.
The 12m – 6m pre-amp will now be fitted as standard.
Multiple attenuators of 5, 10 and 15dB now included.
K3ATU option now has true relay bypass and lower insertion loss.
Re-designed receiver audio output speaker section
New high accurate high speed CW including SPLIT operation.
Coverage of the 630m band (470kHz) and lower.
Redesigned low power 10W (driver section) and upgraded 100W PA section.

There will be fuller details on the Elecraft site together with some FAQs.

This will put the K3s right at the very top of the performance stakes. There will be a price increase, but most of that is explained by the additional items that have now been included, albeit upgraded additions. This really is going to be a DXers dream machine where improved performance is obvious right from the point of switch on. So how long before you can get one?

Elecraft expect to be able to ship in 2 – 4 weeks time, and as our stock comes by air, there should be stock by sometime in June. There is no more K3 stock. And there is more news!

There is now a P3 add on kit that will allow you to monitor SSB and CW waveform and give you true PEP readings. The option will be known as P3TXMON.

Exciting time for Elecraft and don’t forget that existing K3 owners can upgrade most of the features. Call us here in Hockley for further information.

Peter G3OJV

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6m and 4m installed.   April 29th, 2015

4-6m Antennas1

The picture above shows the first part of our new installation completed. Here you can see the 5 elements on 4m and 6 elements on 6m. These antennas are around 55ft above ground level. Now we need to test them out. Our best directions are north and east. To the west we have rising round and to the south we have the hills of north kent. However, we are now looking forward to the sporadic Es season. Listen out for G0PEP.

The next phase of the antenna system will probably be 2m 70cms and 23cms. This should be around third week of May.

Peter G3OJV.

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