I recently returned from an 8-day stay in Texas and spent some time operating the station of Dick, K5AND. He is an Elecraft enthusiast and has a superb antenna system. I won’t list all the antennas, but for me the highlights were 4 elements on 40m at 135ft and a 6 over 6 array for 20m. You can work an awful lot of interesting stuff with arrays like this. I was working g station mobiles on 20m and getting S9 plus report from all over Europe on 40m. And having 1.5kW output helped as well! But these big arrays that most of us can only dream about can be of benefit to us all!

Most stations are able to run 100W and many stations around the world run this power, even some with big antennas. A big antenna works both on transmit and receive. So not only does the array add dB to the transmitted signal. It also adds dB to your signal! In other words you are benefitting from this big antenna that has cost you nothing. So what about the guys that are running 1kW? Well you can of course add a linear and then you will only be down 3dB. The point is that in reality, if you can hear them, you can normally work them. So although we can all dream of big antennas, very often we should be thankful of the fact that they exist because without them we might not be able to work a lot of the DX.

Peter G3OJV

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SP3 New Elecraft Speaker   September 19th, 2015


In Texas today, Elecraft officially showed their new base station speaker. This features dual inputs fir separate transceivers. The speaker has an ultra smooth response with acoustic internal damping and a high quality driver. I tried this speaker extensively on the air with a K3 connected to a 4 element 49m Yagi at 130ft. At no time were there any resonance problems or vibrations. Even on stronfpg CW tuning from 0Hz to 5kHz at loud levels, I could not induce any resonance problems. It really is the best base station speaker I have heard. Available lat October.

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Jaycee Open Day 2015   September 8th, 2015


On Saturday, 5th September, we held our annual Open Day at our Scottish branch in Glenrothes. As has been usual in recent years, the weather was lovely and sunny. This really is a social occasion as well as a display of ham radio gear. The lecture sessions were once again repeated with talk by Justin, G0KSC, Mark from Kenwood and Peter G3OJV. We must thank Kenwood and Icom for travelling all that way to represent themselves. There were also a record 6 transceivers given out as prizes.

It was a long drive for us all, but a very enjot=yable event and we must thank Scott, Bill and Betty for the organisation.

Peter G3OJV

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Antenna Production begins in Hockley   September 6th, 2015


Production of InnovAntennas has now begun in Hockley, here at Waters and Stanton. We are the only UK dealer to have production facilities on our premises. The production facility is owned and operated by Justin, G0KSC, the founder and owner of InnovAntennas. Output will include the Force-12 range of antennas. So if you are looking to upgrade your antennas, you can order and collect from us here in Hockley.

We are also the only UK dealer that has full antenna test facilities. Many of the InnovAntennas are installed on our roof, so you can try them out. We have rotary arrays from every band from 40m to 23cms – no gaps.

As the UK’s largest Ham Radio store, you will be most welcome to browse, try or buy.

Peter G3OJV

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Elecraft Not at RSGB Convention.   September 5th, 2015


A number of our customers have been asking why Elecraft, one of the most popular ranges of ham gear, is not displayed at the RSGB Convention. The answer is simple. Despite many representations to the RSGB, they have refused us permission to display it. We are not even talking about selling, but simply displaying it. The RSGB have refused. So if you feel that this is unjust, then we suggest you ask the RSGB why they have effectively banned this range of equipment from even being shown at the Convention. We will quite happily publish in this blog their replies. Or perhaps the RSGB might like to respond to this blog.


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More Changes at Waters & Stainton   August 31st, 2015

Over this Bank Holiday weekend, we spent most of the time, moving in materials and machinery as part of the move of InnovAntennas into our premises at Hckley. As usual there were a few unanticipated problems that meant the move took longer than planned for. In fact we had hoped that production would begin tomorrow (Tuesday 1st September) but it has been delayed a day because the larger pieces of machinery have yet to be installed. And as the plant is being installed on the first floor, this has meant taking everything up a flight of stairs.

But it will be worth it and of course InnovAntennas are know for manufacturing some of the best antennas in the world. I will post some pictures when everything is in place.
Peter G3OJV.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 17.30.42

We are pleased to announce that we have booked supplies from the very first shipment of this great new transceiver. We have taken a first look at the IC-7300 and are very excited about it. We are sure you will be as well.

Here are the highlighted features.

High Quality Real-Time Spectrum Scope
RF Direct Sampling System
Class Leading Phase Noise Characteristics
Large Touch Screen Color TFT LCD
Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner
Easy-to-Hear Sound Quality

We are planning a great opening offer on this radio. Don’t miss out. Get on our mailing list to be sure that you hear about the deal firs and avoid missing out on sonething really special. Just phone with your email address or simply email: sales@wsplc.com. You will then be given preference to all the latest info and most importanytly, news of the best UK price,

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of the ICOM IC-7100-AT package. This features an automatic dedicated ATU that covers 160m to 10m. The ATU connects directly to the rear of the IC-7100 and requires no external power supply.

The auto ATU tunes really fast and will handle all your coax fed antennas. It fits neatly beneath the main unit and so enables you to still enjoy the benefit of the remote head operation. Another great product from W&S.

You will ne even more amazes at the price! Peter G3OJV

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Antennas Made to Order!   August 21st, 2015

Antenna - 1

Here at Europe’s Ham Radio Store, we are now producing antennas for both commercial and ham radio applications. So if you need an antenna designed for a particular purpose, we can help you. We now manufacture Yagis from 80m to 70cms and all bands in between. We ar also able to make antennas for applications outside of the ham radio bands. These antennas are high quality designs that are normally rated up to 5kW and will last a lifetime. If you have a particular antenna need, then please give us a call.

It is yet another uniques service that we offer here at W&S

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Many followers of this blog will be aware that here at Waters and Stanton we are recognised as the UK leaders in SDR technology sales for ham radio in the UK. This all started with Peter Waters G3OJV, who negotiated the right to sell FlexRadio in the UK and gave a number of lecture talks in the early days of SDR. More recently, Justin Johnson G0KSC has taken over the mantle and is our resident expert on SDR. He has used it for a wide range of DX applications, both in the UK and in Spain. He has also used it extensively for EME work.

Whilst our product range is well known to visitors to our web site and readers of our advertising, there is always work going on in the back ground here at Hockley. SDR is one of the fastest growing product areas, and we are now looking at no less than three new products in this area. And when we say look, we mean that we have them on the test bench at the moment. We never bring anything to market unless we have put it through a test procedure which includes putting them on the air.

Waters & Stanton are the only dealership in the UK that has been given special pre-production information by two leading SDR manufacturers. This means that we are able to work with the manufacturers on test units that are still under development. We are the only UK dealer that has test facilities on site that enables new gear to be put on the air and fed into professional standard antenna systems. And not until we are totally happy will we make that final decision as to when to launch these new products.

Peter G3OJV

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